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www.skladcom.ru is the first specialised portal devoted to the building of warehouses and their complex supply with technics and equipment. The site began to work in November, 2005.
Portal subjects: the warehouse real estate, building of warehouses, WMS (control systems of warehouses), equipment for automation, warehouse equipment, warehouse technics, transport logistics, container and package, services.
The basic sections of the portal: news, articles, arrangements, catalogue of companies, base of warehouses, vacancies, exhibitions, interrogations, prices, technics shop, the encyclopaedia of warehouse technics brands, dispatch of inquiries, forum.
The portal is a part of advertising-information holding “MIZUNOV MEDIA GROUP”. The holding is also engaged in publishing and exhibition activity.
“MIZUNOV MEDIA GROUP” publishes magazines “Warehouse complex” (since 2003) and “the Warehouse Real estate” (since 2008). The holding is the official organizer of the international specialised exhibition “Logistics and the Warehouse” that takes place annually (since 2006) in June in expocentre “EXPO CROCUS”.
We are glad to offer you a complex of services in advancement of your company, production and services in the Russian market by means of the portal, magazines and the exhibition.
If you are intersted, send your inquiry by e-mail skladcom@gmail.com in English, French or German.
The additional information on each direction of our holding activity can be sent to you by inquiry!


Magazine "Warehouse complex" is the first Russian specialized edition that has been published since 2003. This is the colour magazine of format A4. The paper is coated and glossy. The magazine circulation is 20.000 copies.


The edition considers questions of arrangement and equipment of a warehouse. In the magazine are published the news of the market, clauses and materials, reviews of specialized Russian and international exhibitions, the data on warehouse equipment. The magazine is intended for managers, experts on logistics, suppliers, master mechanics. 


In 2009 there will be 8 issues of the magazine!!!



Tariffs for accommodation of advertising for 2009


Kind of advertising
Size, mm
(€, including the VAT)
½, 1/3
Advertising clause
1 page of format А4
Advertising clause
2 pages of format А4
The extra charge for accommodation:
1st page of the cover
2nd  page of the cover
3rd page of the cover
4th page of the cover
1st, 2nd  page of the magazine
3rd,4th page of the magazine
Choice of the place
+ 150%
+ 75%
+ 50%
+ 100%
+ 50%
+ 35%
+ 15%

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